Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's amazing how a number (blood sugar) can totally affect my mood. It can cause me to cheer and celebrate...and it can bring me to tears.
It can be a tricky balance this Diabetes stuff.

Weighing and measuring food. Counting Carbs. Figuring out insulin ratios (although not that hard with the Pump Bolus Wizard). Exercising...but NOT when you're too high...and NOT when you're too low.

But celebrating is called for when you have moments of getting it right!

This past weekend consisted of celebrating as we went to lunch for my aunt's 50th birthday.

Off we went to Schaumburg Marriott's Renaissance Sam & Harry's.

Cousins. In-laws. Grandma's. Sisters. Mothers. Daughters. Friends.

Delicious Tea. Accidentally squirting lemon juice in my mom's eye while preparing delicious tea. OOOOPS!

A private room surounded by glass filled with cases of wine.

A surprise cake.

Egg white omlette made to order with spinach, peppers and onions
& fancy condiments on the side.

The most heavenly grits you've ever had...and I'm normally not a grits fan.

Fruit and cheese platters to die for.

I kept one eye on my food and one eye on my continuous glucose monitor (CGM) the entire morning, stalking my blood sugars, daring them to ruin my brunch!

And a celebration it was! Here's to another 50 years Auntie Donna! And here's to blood sugars that behave even during brunch!
(Take that bowl of grits with craisans on top!!!).

This calls for a celebration
...brunch anyone?!?!?


  1. what a fun post!!! you look great and i love that color on you- your hair is getting long :)

    that food looks amazing!! and i'm not a fan of grits, either but those looked super yummy!

    and tea forte is really good but expensive!

    is donna your mom's sis? i see a resemblance....


  2. Yay for a magnificent looking lunch and cooperative bgs! Congrats on taming that beast.

  3. I love the presentation of your blog posts, so visually invigorating and entertaining! Happy birthday Aunty Donna!

  4. Grace, Thanks! This hot weather isn't helping my hair :) aunt is my mom's younger sister. And YES...that tea was AMAZING!

    Lorraine, bgs can often be beasts! Thanks.

    Northerner, Thanks for visiting and for the compliments! I just checked out your blogs...I like them and will be checking in daily now :)