Monday, July 19, 2010


Are you staying cool and hydrated in this heat?!?!?

And if all the cool kids told you to drink vomit flavored water...would you do it?!?!?!?

Apparently I would... I did...and I am.

Coconut Water is all the rage these days. I've read about it on Fitness Blogs, in Health Magazines, and received coupons for it from Whole Foods.

It's been refered to as Nature's sports drink...a healthy alternative to gatorade.

Because I had a coupon, I tried it about a month ago. It really wasn't good. Like I said, vomit flavored water. Gross!!!

But here's the thing. This Chicago heat is killing me.

I'm pretty sure I was dehydrated this morning from the profuse sweating I did ALL weekend long.

What's a newlywed couple to do without air conditioning?

So.... to Whole Foods I stumbled, on my way in to work this morning...and there it was...a shelf full of vomit coconut water.

I thought if I tried a different brand this time, it would taste better.

But what brand did I get last time? NAKED? O.N.E? I'm pretty sure I hadn't tried O.N.E yet...and as I picked up the box, it was confirmed.

Logically I would buy the O.N.E brand...come on, it had an expiration date of 02-13-11 ...the date of my 30th bday!!!

The first sip was OK...but then, there it was...vomit!

I spent the rest of the day gagging down glasses of half ice water/half coconut water...because clear pee is good pee...and Coconut Water apparently keeps you fully hydrated.

I did feel better after drinking it...but we're just gonna borrow an extra fan from my in-laws and stick to water!

Don't worry...he's got on shorts! BUT BACK OFF LADIES!!!

Happy Monday...and here's to doing what you've got to do to stay cool!!!!


  1. girl you must try coconut juice! It tastes good and it also gives you electrolytes. I got one at whole foods. The brand is Amy and Brian all natural coconut juice. I drink it a lot!

  2. i thought this post was hilarious. first because of your review of the coconut water and second, to you protecting your husband from all the crazy women. hahaha. hope you feel better today, friend.

  3. This is HYSTERICAL! I have been tempted to try this too, but haven't yet and GIRL YOU SKEEEEERED me!!! It tastes like Vomit? GROSS!!!! Cheers!! *lifts Sugar Free Slurpee from Race Trac*

  4. Corrie...thanks for the advice on coconute JUICE! I have actually sipped a little on that. My friend Ilene (muchloveilly) is a big fan of coconut juice and she had me try some of hers! MUCH better than the water!!!

    Windy...go ahead and try for yourself if you'd like...but an after-taste of vomit is the only way I can best describe it! Not sure how much sugar is in the juice...there are 15 g of carbs in an entire box of the water...I'd imagine a lot more in the juice!
    Sugar free slurpee...WHAT?!?!? I've got to get one!!!

  5. Do you have Race Trac's up there? They have this deal where you buy a plastic cup for $6.99 and you can refill it till SEPT 6th with ANYTHING! Not good for my Diet Coke addiction, but man oh man... am I grateful for the passion fruit sugar free slurpee!!!!!

  6. HaHa!!! I thought you were literally at a RACE TRACK! Nope...the only place we can get slurpees is 7-Eleven. What a deal! I'm constantly trying to ween myself off of Diet Coke :)