Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Diabetes can often be unpredictable. Some days its good, some days it's bad, and some days it's ugly!

But I guess that's how life in general is. You can cheer when it's good, dwell and focus on the bad, and cry when it gets ugly...or you can just be flexible and try to make the best of it all and learn along the way.

good: Last night I finally worked out again (and tonight I ran for 20 minutes). The first time in a long time!!! And my blood sugar didn't drop too low. Fluidity is this exercise equipment that I got suckered into buying while we were engaged. I would watch the info-mercial every Sunday morning as I got ready for church and just dreamed of having that long and lean ballerina look by the time I walked down the aisle.

bad: Not being consistent with doing the workout = not having that long and lean body the info-mercial promised. I guess those women really did do the workouts 2-3x every week??? And being 5' 1" , I guess there's never really gonna be anything l o n g about me- huh?!

good: Gardening!  While our landlord is away for the week, we are keeping an eye on the lawn and garden. Sunday afternoon I spent some time outside watering the garden and picking out some veggies while Derek watered the front lawn.

Can you believe this came from a small rectangular area out back that is surrounded by cement, in the city, and sits alongside an ally??? MIRACULOUS!

bad: After our afternoon hard work of watering the garden and sprinkling the lawn, it down poured!!! We just shook our heads and laughed as we headed off to youth group.

good: Keeping the garden alive and well so you can enjoy dinner with fresh picked veggies!

bad: KILLING every plant your mother-in-law gives you!!!

So here's the plan: once we are able to keep a plant alive, we'll eventually work our way up to a dog and then if we survive that, we'll finally think about having a kid.
And that's why we're on the 5-year plan... Just kidding!

We're waiting because...we want some more time together to continue building our marriage, we want to get out of some debt, and right now, my Diabetes isn't where it needs to be at to be having kids. My doctor hasn't given me permission to get pregnant yet...but he has full confidence that we'll get there and will be able to have a healthy pregnancy.

So, in the next 3 years, I guess along with improving my Diabetes, I should look into improving my planting and gardening too! Huh?!

Here's to a good Tuesday!


  1. what fun pics, girl! i loved it. you made me laugh a couple of times too. woohoo!!!

  2. great post! i loved all your pics, esp the one of derek w/ the huge zucchini!! wow!! (did he get a haircut?)

    i'm terrible w/ plants, too. definitely no green thumb here....

    your baked mostaccioli looked yummy, too!!!



  3. Grace,
    Thanks for the comments :)

    I cut Derek's hair in my parent's backyard on Monday - 07.05 ... I should've blogged THAT!!!