Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weekly Wish-list


If I'm ever nauseous, one of these ginger candies does the trick. This magical sweet and spicy candy works every time...except for yesterday.

Out of nowhere I was super nauseous and felt like I could throw up all over the place (I know...nice way to start a blog post).

I ran out on my lunch break and got some crackers and diet 7-up...which is my next magical "go-to" for nausea.

With yesterday being payday, I was so upset that the first thing I spent part of my paycheck on was diet 7-up and crackers! It really shouldn't have upset was only a little over $3...but we're trying to stay on a super tight budget so we can get out of debt and buy a home...every penny counts!

If money were no object right now and we didn't have to think of a budget I'd spend money on...

+ dresses w/pockets


I would cut a hole on the inside of the pocket, loop my tubing/insulin pump wire through the hole and clip my pump to the pocket. I've worn my pump under dresses in a garter/sling/holster type item around my thigh...not the most comfortable.

With my pump in my pocket, I could easily get to it to bolus for food or to check where my numbers are at via my CGM. GENIUS!!!

+ an English bulldog with an under bite.


+ a piano that I would paint. (This would be the centerpiece that the entire room would be decorated around).


+ an organic roof-top veggie garden, like the one at Uncommon Ground .


And I'd get an iced tea every morning on my way to work from The Goddess & the Grocer. (African Nectar is my new favorite tea).


Just a little day-dreaming on an ALMOST Friday-day.

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  1. Hi Jen! I love your blog!!! OK, question.... I've started following your blog now on my Google reader, but I'm trying to catch up here. Are you pregnant and nauseous? Or just nauseous? haha. What state do you live in? The story about your husband and you before you left for church was funny. I bet our husbands would love a therapy session together about being married to Type 1 gals. lol! Take care!