Monday, August 23, 2010


Dear Bangs,

In case you haven't noticed, I have a huge love-hate relationship with you.

I mean, Bangs, you're trendy and cute and in-style. You add that little extra-something without getting too drastic...what's not to love about you?!

But Bangs, my husband prefers to have me all to himself... without you. He hasn't actually asked me to break things off, but just prefers me to be without you. I hope you can understand!

And the more I think about it, Bangs, you make my forehead sweat and grease up.

You're too hot for the Summer, but ooooh, Fall is coming up and it's my favorite time of year. By the time I'm done going to football games, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, watching the leaves change and making chili, I have a feeling I'll be bored and antsy...and I may even take things into my own hands as I have so many times...and bring you back into my life!

But for now, I will slowly part ways with you.

We're really coming to the end you know. It's getting kinda messy...even ugly. You're slowly fading away from a cute side Bang.

Now you're too long to look cute, but too short to do much with aside from clipping you back and forgetting about you.

So we'll tangle and weave our way around together and hold on for the last few moments that we have...until you're gone for good (or until I get bored AGAIN).

Then someday soon, my hair will be all grown out and long and our days together will be a thing of the past.

Oh Bangs, it's not's me.

I hope we can still be friends!

Love, Jen.


  1. you are too cute. cant wait for our thursday lunch date, friend. lovelove. :)

  2. I have that relationship also with my bangs. I had 'em for years and just recently grew them out. had to pin them back for what felt like EONS in that middle-growth period. You look really cute with the bangs in your first picture though!

  3. Thanks guys!
    I have to confess...after writing this post yesterday, I had BANGS on the brain...and even took out the scissors before bed and started trimming a little :)
    Didn't do too much damage though...but now I'm considering bangs again!!!

  4. Ha! I've had bangs forever. And now I fear that I've neglected my forehead skin for so long that I can't go back.

    Either way: cute hair!

  5. HaHa!

    That's the one great thing about doesn't matter what your forehead looks like- pimples, grease, wrinkles, etc.
    As I approach 30 and get more wrinkly...I think I may HAVE to get some bangs to cover up the age-ing :(

  6. Why don't husbands like bangs? Mine certainly does not...I had bangs for about 10 seconds before they were pushed to the side. Mine are growing out now and look hideous. Time for a new hair-do...we need to find cute haircuts!

  7. "Cugina Ca-Ca"...I LOVE it!!!

    Seriously, why can't our husbands just accept our bangs?!
    If it were up to Grandma...we'd all have bangs!
    Love ya!!!

  8. hahaha i love my bangs! but they often get in the way.. i totally understand :)

  9. ah bangs. mine are constantly up and down, short and long, there and not there. I totally get it.

  10. Haha "It's not you it's me." love it.

    And i was thinking about bangs... but maybe not anymore.

  11. Jo, Derek LOVES your hair!!! He'd gladly trade if he could :)