Friday, August 6, 2010


Driving home along Lake Shore Drive from my doctor's appointment last week, was almost therapeutic. Lake Michigan looked so peaceful as I thought through my test results, my conversation with Amy, my CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator), the amazing team at the Kovler Diabetes Center.

For the first time in along time, I didn't cry or get overwhelmed. My health didn't seem like a disaster. I didn't feel like my body was a toxic, ticking time-bomb, unable to potentially hold a baby some day.

 I left feeling very hopeful.
Amy made me feel like I wasn't crazy (with my million questions and concerns).
 She helped me see how all of my goals were attainable.

My A1c dropped by 1.1%. My goal is to drop it another 1.7% by my next appointment.
I was satisfied knowing my hard work had paid off.

Of course there is always work to do. Reaching one goal doesn't mean slacking off. It only means hitting the next goal and tightening things up even more
Diabetes is 24/7/365. That's just the way it is.
I'm excited to continue pushing on.

For now, I have goals and a direction, and I'm excited to make positive strides in my Diabetes and health.
I'm so blessed to have friends, family, and the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) in this with me.

p.s...I don't recommend or endorse taking pictures while driving your car...I'm just saying!


  1. Congrats on your great test results! I know how hard it is, good luck on your continued improvements!

  2. thats as bad as people i see texting.


  3. Lindsay, Thanks! It is hard work...but so worth it. Thanks for reading!

    Mom...I was parked for all of the pics except the rear view mirror one...and it was real quick :)

  4. I LOVE the side/rearview mirror one!! what a neat perspective :)