Monday, March 23, 2009

Childhood Memories, My Support Group, and Bike Rides

I LOVE weekends!!! This weekend was spent catching up with old friends I haven’t seen in 10 years!!! It was quite a blast from the past, but brought back good memories as we all met back in EGV for some good Mexican food at Tapalpa.

Derek and I also spent some good time with other friends that we love, as well as our families the past 2 days. As usual, the time went by too fast.

My mom recently had major surgery that is putting her on bed rest for 6-8 weeks. As a result, family and friends have been making meals, stopping in to say hi, and praying for her. Friends and family are always such a blessing...especially in times like these. It's like one big support group of people you can always lean on.

It got me thinking back to when I was first diagnosed with Diabetes. Some of the details are really vivid, and some area little blurry. I do remember people rallying around our family and being a solid support for us. I remember my parents constantly by my side, my cousins playing pac-man with me while I was in the hospital for a week and other family members watching my brother and sister.

I don’t know what it was like for my brother and sister to have my parents gone for a week or to see their big sister sick and weak… or what it was like for my parents to have this huge life-changing interruption and disease happen all of a sudden to their little girl!

For me, getting Diabetes at the age of 8 was just like an event that took place. I don’t remember thinking this was a big huge life-changing moment in my life. My parents did an amazing job of giving me the most “normal” childhood I could think of. They never made me feel like Diabetes was a big hassle, and they made sure Diabetes didn’t get in my way or stop me from doing anything.

I played sports, went away to camp, and had sleepovers with my cousins and friends on the weekends. I rode my bike all day long and played with the neighborhood kids. They did an AMAZING job of keeping things “normal”! When I think of growing up, I only have GOOD memories!!!

I have a fuzzy memory of my blood sugar going so low when I was 10 years old, that I was beginning to go unconscious. My mom had to call 9-1-1 and an ambulance came to my rescue. Another time, I remember my blood sugar dropping again, and my dad laying me across his lap, while he poured orange juice down my throat. I remember beginning to cough and come “back to” as my dad was holding me.

I can’t imagine some of the scary moments they experienced or the worries and fears that went through their minds when I was away at school, at a friends house, or even just sleeping upstairs in my room. I will never know what that was like for them! I am married, 28 years old, and all grown up now. I’m pretty sure they STILL worry! As much as they’d like to make my Diabetes go away, I wish I could take their worries away.

My husband was feeling light-headed a week ago. I was a nervous wreck…afraid he’d fall over and faint. He was just simply over-tired and wanted to lay down. I literally took his hand and walked with him to the living room couch. I asked him if he was ok every 10 minutes. Same with my mom, when we visited her this weekend. We went outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air. I was afraid she was in pain and I hated watching her go up and down the stairs. I had to put her shoes on for her and tie them, since she isn’t able to do that right now. I loved that I was able to help her, even if it was just something simple like her shoes. But…I couldn’t stop worrying.

Again, I can’t imagine to what lengths my parents worried about me and continue to! Maybe God allowed me to get Diabetes instead of someone else close to me…I would’ve probably died of a worry-induced heart attack if it had to be someone else!!!

…And a new addition to my “support group” is Derek’s family! It’s so wonderful inheriting another great family!!! And what a surprise when they came over yesterday with a bike for me for a birthday present!!!

Here’s to amazing people who love and support me, the weather warming up and long bike rides through the city with my hubby and friends!!!

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