Thursday, April 2, 2009

Supplies, Hand Prints, and Blackhawks Bobble-Heads

While Derek was out last night at the Hawks game with my brother, I decided to pick up around our place (after my nutritious dinner of chips, salsa, and cookies and cream ice cream... I had to get it out of my system before my big fast!!!).

As I went from room to room, something of mine seemed to be taking up space in each room. This got me thinking about all the "stuff" it takes to stay on top of my Diabetes...and how messy our place can become if I don't throw stuff away, put it in it's place, pick up after myself, etc.

As I prepared to change my needle, I gathered all of these items and decided to see what it all looked like, laid out in one area. Of course, once I was done with it all, I thought of the other million items that I had forgotten to photograph...but you get the picture!!!

Everything (that I remembered at the time)

Insulin boxes and bottle

Thryoid and Cholesterol rx's
(yes, I'm on cholesterol pills...
and it makes me
feel like an old, fat lady!!!)

Emergency "Stuff" (juice, glucose tablets, & fruit snacks, by the bed in case of a night time 'low' and ketone strips to test for ketones when I'm real high).

Faith & Family (a HUGE and needed support)!!!

Pump Supplies (needles, tubing, caps for exercising and showering)

Blood testing meter, test strips, lancets (little pokers), control solution

More boxes of supplies

Medic Alert Bracelet & Literature: Carb counting book, Diabetes Forecast Magazine

Record keeping

Praise the Lord for Health Care Coverage!!!!

And finally, my own 'Word in Your Hand' project (

Another productive night of cleaning, taking pictures, and drawing on myself. I guess I get a little bored without my husband...who very thoughtfully woke me up at 11pm by shaking the bobble-head that he won me at the Hawks game, in my face!!!


  1. next time you have a free wed. let me know! We'll get tea or coffee or hot chocolate or something!!! Wed. nights are my FREE nights! :)

  2. i like that you put the Bible and your family photo in you list of 'stuff' -peter