Friday, April 3, 2009

A Time To Celebrate!!!

He's like the perfect Date Night!!! Just like when we went to the Chicago History Museum (for me) followed up by a steak dinner at Wildfire (for Derek).

He's the best of both worlds!!! He's what we've all been hoping for!!! He's bringing hope, encouragement, and inspiration to us all!!!

He's Chicago's new pride and joy (for Derek) and a superstar athlete living with Diabetes (for me)!!!

... He's JAY CUTLER!!!!

The phones started ringing off the hook at our place beginning at 4:30pm!!! Texts, calls, messages, excitement, celebration... it was quite the night!!!

My blood sugar was a little higher than I wanted as I finished getting dinner ready. I gave myself some insulin and knew it'd be at least a half hour until I'd be a little bit closer to being able to eat. I told Derek to go ahead without me. So he grabbed my hand to pray, as is our normal tradition (I get the breakfast prayers, Derek takes dinner...lunch is always a toss up).

[Derek:] "Dear Lord, we thank you for bringing us through this day. We pray that you would bring Jen's numbers down so she'll feel better and be able to eat. Thank you for this food that you've provided for us...and Lord, THANK YOU FOR JAY CUTLER!!!"
(To which we both responded with a hearty "AMEN!!!")

Not your typical dinner prayer, but whenever Derek can throw some words up to the Lord concerning the Bears, he takes that opportunity!

As Derek ate and I waited for my numbers to improve, conversation around Jay Cutler continued. In case you didn't know, the Bears Expo will be taking place this year on Sunday, May 17th (SAME DAY AS OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!).

Derek has been trying to convince me that it would be the perfect way to celebrate our first year of marriage..."Ya know, we can go to Soldier Field, then since we're close to the lake, we can have a romantic dinner downtown afterwards!!!"

And now with Jay Cutler there, Derek said it would be perfect. I could talk to him about my experience with Diabetes, maybe get him to sign my pump?!?!?
We decided it would be best to have Jay put his signature on the backside of the clip. In silver marker, of course so it shows up best. We'd probably have to cover it very carefully with clear plastic, heavy duty tape, so his signature doesn't fade after all the wear and tear from putting it in my pocket and pants.

Ah yes, good conversation to make the time pass! So, my numbers finally came down and I was able to eat my fish, curry rice, green beans, and grapes (much more nutritious than the previous night's meal!!!)

In other brilliant ideas, we thought we'd work on writing Jay Cutler a letter. It's not finalized, but it would go something like this:

"Dear Jay,
Welcome to Chicago! We are so excited to have you join us and have long awaited this day.
As long time season ticket holders, we are true Chicago Bears fans, there every Sunday, whether in the stands, at the away game, or rooting from home (only when we can't make it to the away games!).
We're so glad you will be here to help us bring in some more victories!!!
We want to let you know that we are here to help you as well.
As a person living with Diabetes myself, we know what sacrifice and hard work is like. So, we would like to sacrifice our high up, great view, seats, to be moved to the first we can be right there on the sidelines, with juice and glucose tablets in hand, ready for any low blood sugar reaction you may have during the game.
So, in exchange for our service and dedication, all we ask is that you get us closer we can be by your side to help, of course!!!
Sincerely, Derek & Jen"

Hey, we can dream...can't we!?!?


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