Thursday, April 16, 2009

Celebrate good times!!!!

Weekends, holidays, celebrations....I LOVE them!!!
Unfortunately, these are the times I get a little laid back in my Diabetes care :(
Coming from a big Italian family doesn't help either...especially when holidays are filled with Nonna's homemade ravioli (ravs), pasta, pizza, bread, cake, etc....

So, now with Easter, birthday parties, work celebrations, etc. behind us, I need to kick it back into gear this week. Spring is coming, the weather is getting nicer...and it's time I really get to doing those fasting blood tests this weekend (argh!!!!).

Surprise Sherry!!! Happy 40th birthday!!!
It was so great getting together with old friends from the church I grew up at, to celebrate Sherry's life!!! What a great woman, mother, friend, wife...

The entire group that showed up to surprise Sherry.

Derek showing off our Saturday morning breakfast.

Baked Banana Bread French Toast.
(I took 3 different recipes, combined & tweaked them). carb-overload!!!

Easter weekend celebration!!! Sitting around the table, enjoying homemade ravs!!!

I LOVE MY CUGINI!!! (cousins)

Nonna & Brent, dancing in the kitchen. What would we do without her?!!? (Probably starve on holidays!!!)

Everett on an Easter egg hunt.

Life is good when you're the only great-grandchild!

Almost done!

Belated Birthday celebrations. The cross cake doubled as a birthday cake!

So yes...the weekend is over!!!
And now it's time to be healthy again!!! I just don't know if I can keep fighting the temptation of all those cookies in the break room at work!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!

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  1. I wish there were cookies in my break room!! :)
    And that french toast stuff looked yummy!
    There were fresh bananas on top... looked healthy to me! :)