Friday, May 1, 2009

Fasting, CGM's and HOPE!!!

Ok, so I finally got most of my fasting tests done. The first round felt like a nightmare. I just kept wanting to give up, I felt shaky and awful and even cried at one point!!!

Derek was by my side encouraging me to keep going and I shot back at him in my crabby state of mind...but he loved and encouraged me anyways!!!

My mom bought me Crystal Light and sugar-free jello to help hold me over.

My dad and Derek watched sports while I wallowed in my sorrow on the couch, like a little child, my sister and my brother made me laugh, and my mom kept checking in on me.

I was so excited to finally have it all done, so I proudly sent my numbers off to my doctor.
Her response..."We're gonna need to you repeat all of these, I'm not getting a good sense of what's going on here."


So last weekend, I did it again! I was geared up and felt ready and pretty optimistic. I spent a good majority of the hard part reading through my Bible and journaling. I honestly think that made the difference! My mind was focused on the Word and I didn't experience the intense hunger pains or shakiness!!! Praise the Lord!!!
Shot another email off to my doctor with the results and waited to hear back...

"Alright...make these adjustments...and REPEAT!!! We'll see how the results turn out this time and from there we'll make changes if needed and repeat until we have it."


Oh man...this never ends!!! I know it's for my own good and in the end, I'll feel better...but can I just lay on the floor and kick my feet and whine like a baby for a few minutes?!?!?

And so the big hope and prayer is for a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)!!!
This device in my opinion is AMAZING and life-saving! This is what I need to gain better control of my Diabetes and to be able to realistically plan for a baby down the road!!
(Disclaimer...that is not my flat stomach...I wish!!!).

A. Insulin Pump
B. Infusion set (needle, attached to tubing where insulin gets delivered).
C. CGM (sensor that reads blood sugar)
D. Transmitter (sends results to the pump).

So, what this does is tests your blood sugar every minute and gives you an average every 5-10 minutes. It creates a graph, showing you whether your blood sugar is heading up or down, whether or not you should be concerned, need to give yourself more insulin, or whether you need to get some sugar in you.

You can set an alarm that will go off if you are over 250 or below 70. (80-120 is the goal). I would still need to test my blood sugar to calibrate the monitor...but I would be able to have tighter control, wouldn't need to test my blood sugar 25+ times a day like I do now (my scabbed fingers are killing me these days!), and it would eliminate worry when I'm in a meeting at work, while I'm running, sleeping in the middle of the night, etc.

Sure, it would be another needle, another attachment...but that's all worth it for better health!!!

Now the annoying part....INSURANCE!!!! The CGM's have been out for a bit and from my explanation, it's OBVIOUS how this could tighten up Diabetes control. Insurance companies KNOW this, it's LOGICAL...but they need to see proof and studies and results down on paper.

I made a few calls and have gotten the ball rolling, but it will take lots of paper work, documentation, me and my doctor fighting for coverage, etc.

It really gets me angry that insurance companies won't be quick to pay for this preventative care, which will make me healthy now AND later... but down the road, they will be more quick to pay for a leg amputation, kidney dialysis, eye laser surgery after blindness, etc (which is all more expensive!!!) because of poor managing of Diabetes!!!

So, pray and hope along with me. The advancements and technology they have are amazing and getting better and better. What a change I've been able to see and experience in the last 20 years!

I'm encouraged and hopeful. There is a cure right around the corner...but for now there is lots of work to be done!!!


  1. Ughh!! Another repeat test?! I can't imagine even going through ONE of those. My heart goes out to you, Jen. Let me know when you're going through it so I can be praying :)

    Anyway, that's so exciting about the CGM! What you said makes me want to switch fields and do research in diabetes so I can help you get one faster! Hope stuff starts working out very soon...

  2. Thanks Betsy!!!
    I'm probably gonna take a break for the next 2 weeks...but I'll let you know the next time I have to re-peat the tests.

    I really appreciate that!!!

  3. You totally can kick your feet and cry! I give you permission!! :) Moms are the best when it comes to comfort! (they let us kick our feet and cry) That repeat word is not so encouraging... but keeping the future in perspective makes things easier to swallow sometimes and that's what you are doing. You are doing such a great job. We wouldn't even know any of this is going on because you seem to handle it so well. I'll be praying for ya too.

  4. Oh, thanks Erica!!!! You guys are all so great and encouraging!!!