Friday, June 26, 2009

Doctors are supposed to HELP their patients...

Had my 3 month follow up with my endocrinologist this morning.

Nothing new. I have to do a bunch of other fasting tests and tighten some things up.

Maybe it's my sensitive Swedish side...or my emotional Italian side...but I just couldn't stop crying after my appointment!!!

I sat in the parking lot, trying to calm down...and kept crying.

I cried all the way back home.

I sat at our apartment and cried for 30 minutes.

I blasted the fan in my face, blew my nose like crazy, put some eye drops in my eyes, re-did my makeup, pulled myself together, and went in to work.

She was just sooooo rude!!! She walked in the door, looking at the read-out from my pump download and said, "Wow...this is a mess."

She didn't even say hi, shake my hand, ask how I was doing!!!

She interrupted me throughout the entire appointment, cut me off, blew off my concerns, didn't listen to my questions, and was just plain RUDE!!! I walked away discouraged and overwhelmed.

To top it off, her breathe reeked like coffee butt!!! I know that's not a smell or a real thing, but it's the only thing I can think to describe it! A sweaty butt mixed with coffee. YIKES!!!!

I couldn't even call Derek or my mom to let them know how my appointment went...I was just too emotional. I started to text Derek and then got teary-eyed. I eventually emailed my mom and cousin. My mom knew right away that something was up when she didn't hear from me this morning.

Considering switching to one of her other partners in the practice. The only thing is, she has to sign off and ok it. This is not the first time this has happened. Looking back, I come home from just about every appointment, upset!

I know this is MY disease and I need to do everything I can to control it, become healthier, etc. BUT...she is part of my team and is supposed to be there to advocate for me and support me.

Well, the morning was bad, but it's behind me. The weather is great and we have a fun weekend ahead of us (mixed with fasting tests in between...aaaarrrgggggg...but I'll survive).

On a REALLY great note, I took an early lunch break (because I needed it, but because I also had to finish eating by 1pm, so I could fast and test from 6pm-midnight tonight).

I went up to a room where I didn't think anyone would be, so I could calm down, or continue sulking and crying if I felt like it. Some girls were up there, singing and playing guitar. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! They even played my favorite hymn, "Come Thou Fount". The songs were filled with reminders from God that I needed to hear!!!

I sat there, enjoying the music...and tried not to cry again!!!


  1. Rude drs. are really hard.
    But like you said, they ARE supposed to be your advocate!! If you are a softy like me, it's hard to change drs. (or at least have to ask for one!)
    But you can do it!! :) Sounds worth it!

  2. Thanks Erica! Yes, typically I'm a softy and would hate to change drs. or ask for a new one...but I think this last visit just put me over the edge :(

  3. Cugina Jess-I-Ca-CaJune 30, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    You change Drs. young lady or I am going to go over there and change them for you myself!

    Ti Amore Cugina-(is that backwards? Oh you know what I am saying!)

  4. Oh, she's gotten even RUDER!!! I'm gonna finish 3 more series of fasting tests and then switch doctors. Thanks for having my back!!!
    Ti Amo!!!

    Con amore, Genoveffa :)

  5. Aww un, I am sorry it went bad, but the coffee butt made me laugh :) Hope it gets better! Love you Jen Enger!!

  6. I've changed doctors often.

    They call me non-compliant because I refuse to take medications.

    I call them idiots, and I am controlling my Type 2 diabetic blood glucose by diet alone, without their meds.

  7. Coffee butt! Lol! That totally IS a thing - and don't let anyone tell you differently :-D
    Your writing flows so easily, reading it is like eating a tasty snack! Often my writing is too dense. I'll try to learn from you JE(n)!