Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let the Summer Concerts Begin...

Last Friday's doctor's appointment left me feeling DEFEATED!!!! It really threw off my ENTIRE weekend. By Sunday night, I was still emotional about it!

Despite the frustration on Friday, it was a great weekend! We saw Augustana and Counting Crows at The Taste with friends. A great kick-off to our summer of concerts!!! Many more to come!!!


Counting Crows

The Engers
(So we're not rock-stars...but our parents thing we are really cool!!!)

Ryan & Derek, re-living the college days!

Sarah & Shawn
(They're getting married in a few months!!!!)

Buckingham Fountain
(courtesy of Derek's awesome photo-skills!!!)

Lunch today with Ilene at Yolk (a GREAT breakfast place on Wells)!!!
[Confession: I stole this picture off of her blog from when she went earlier this week... since we didn't take any pictures today!!!]
I had to get a picture in, since the place is just too cute!!!
Ilene is the first girl on the left, next to her boyfriend, Ryan...aren't they cute?!?!
Thanks Ilene...looking forward to our next lunch date!!!

And to finish off the work week, a wonderful latte from my AMAZING co-worker (and friend)...Shelly!!!
Thanks Shelly...there IS light at the end of the tunnel :)

...NOW I'm ready for the long weekend!!!
(I may tackle another set of fasting tests...we'll see how motivated I get!)


  1. i use to be a rock star, TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW SEEING THE BEACH BOYS AND CHICAGO..... and i still have the tshirt i stoled back from you in my office...

    MOMMY DEAREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ma Ma, You're still a rock star in my book!!! :)

  3. Thanks,
    grandma didnt think so back then. I think she was on her knees for those 2 nights.....

  4. oh the city days... before kids... i need to go back there... is that what it looks like these days? :) I still haven't even seen the bean!!!! Can you believe it? crazy!

  5. hey jen-
    that pic derek took of buckingham fountain is amazing!!! so cool!! how was the fray this weekend?