Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting ready to leave for church, I do a quick test:

J: "Oh no!"

D: "What are you?"

J: "....uh, 120."

D: "Are you crazy? Isn't that perfect? Tell me again...what is the goal to hit?"

J: "80-120" I repeat as if a kid getting scolded by a parent.

D: "Ok...then you're perfect!!!"

*I have this awful fear of going low or dropping, especially in public. So, while 120 was awesome, I didn't like leaving the house, knowing I had room to drop.

J: "I just don't like that there is only a little room to drop".

D: "Exactly, you still have room to drop!"

J: Getting some yogurt. "I'm just gonna grab something to eat as we leave."

D: "And are you gonna bolus for that?"

I laughed, knowing he was right, and that he knew my plan to not bolus for it. I leaned in for a kiss.

D: "I'm not kissing you until you bolus."

J: "Oh man. You know me so well! Fine!"

I do a quick-set bolus, which gives me increments of .5 per beep. Beep-Beep-Beep. He waits for one more Beep to confirm. Beep (confirm). It reads back. Beep- Beep-Beep. He waits again to hear me accept. Final Beep. Insulin dose accepted.

He goes to get our Bibles...while I happen to slip into the kitchen to grab 2 small bars of dark chocolate (my safety net so I don't drop lower).

Fast forward to halfway through service. Oh no, my mouth feels like cotton. I must be high!

I descretely lean over, get my purse, and test while Pastor Manny continues preaching.

GARBAGE! 269?!?!?

D: looks over and whispers.... "what?!"

J: whispering back, "I snuck 2 bars of chocolate when we were leaving."

*(AND I also only gave myself 1.5 units of insulin for the 17 grams of carbs worth of yogurt...when I should've given myself 2.2 due to my 1:8 insulin-carb ratio).

D: shaking his head and trying not to laugh "I can't believe you!"

At least I'm kind of like training for my husband to have to discipline our kids, know their tricks up their sleeves, etc. someday.... right?!?!?!

Oh, he's so perfect for me!!!! :)

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  1. Haha! I got all the way through your first post without realizing it was you! This is a great blog! I didn't know you were a writer! I'm gonna go read some more now...