Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When you only get paid once a month, you make a budget and then you HAVE to stick to it.

As the end of the month comes closer, what's left in the budget gets smaller, smaller and smaller !!!

That's why we're always up for a cheap...or better yet, FREE date night!!!

What's this...free chinese take out?!?!

Think again...they're gormet cupcakes!!!

Thanks to Ilene, we found out that MORE cupcakes was giving out a free gormet cupcake per customer every Monday in June! So glad we made it for at least one freebie!

By the time we got there, the selections were a little slimmer. I was hoping for a cookies and cream cupcake...but red velvet with cream cheese frosting will do just fine, thank you very much!

Derek opted for the flavor of the day..."More", which was similar to a hostess cupcake.

We came home to make a nutritious dinner (mac & cheese with hot dogs cut up in it)...hey, I told you we were coming to the end of our budget for the month! We did have broccoli on the side, so I wasn't lying when I said nutritious!

We caught up on last Friday's Friday Night Lights... a show that we love...football for Derek, teenage drama for me :)

Derek dove right into his cupcake...unfortunately due to a little higher than I'd like blood sugar, I held off. Looks like I didn't give myself enough insulin for my mac. Crazy carbs!

But...I may or may not have had better numbers when I woke up to test closer to midnight...and I may have stumbled into the kitchen to take a bite...or 3 of my cupcake at that late hour...and I may have just taken another bite with my breakfast. Mmmmm...delicious!

Red velvet cupcake with heavenly cream cheese frosting, I'll see you again later!!!

Yes...life is sweet...even with Diabetes (hey, that's what my insulin pump is for)!!!


  1. woohooo!!! love this post. it made me crave a cupcake. do you think today can be categorized as BAD enough for a MORE cupcake...?

  2. It's PAY DAY & ECLIPSE!!! What more excuses do you need?! :) DO IT!!!