Monday, August 16, 2010


While "Just another Manic Monday" plays through my head...I introduce you to a new segment on this blog: Love-Hate Mondays.

I previously wrote about my love-hate relationship with Whole Foods here...and in doing so, have realized that I have many of these love-hate relationships.

I figured Mondays would be the best time to confess these love-hate issues since I have my own love-hate relationship with Mondays.

 Who doesn't HATE Mondays...because, well, they're Mondays??? The weekend is over!!!
...but who doesn't LOVE a fresh new start to the week. New goals, new plans, a new start.

So, without further love-hate relationship with BLOGS.

Dear Blogs,

I love you and I hate you.

I love the inspiration I receive from the artsy blogs, the encouragement I receive from the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), the motivation I receive from the foodie/healthy living blogs, the inspiration I receive
from the marriage blogs, and the love I receive from my friends and family's blogs.

And I have you Blogs all organized in Google Reader, alerting me just like email when a new post is available to read.

But Blogs...I hate the time it takes to read you every day.

Over 100 blog posts on average to read every day. Yikes!

And make me jealous, especially when I follow the lives of people who get to blog for a living!!! Oh, what get paid to blog?!?!?

But Blogs, I keep on reading and I keep on writing...and life goes on...even though I can't decide whether I hate you more or love you more.'s not you. It's me! I hope we can still be friends!

Love, Jen

p.s... read about why I continue to blog here.

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