Tuesday, August 17, 2010


"Looks like things are really looking up".
A phrase often said when things go from bad to good (or at least, better).

For me this possitive phrase had quite a different meaning the other morning.

My normal routine is to wake up at 5:45am, stumble into the kitchen to grab a protein cookie, stumble into the front room to read my Bible (while eating my protein cookie), and stumble back into the bedroom by 6:20am to wake up Derek.

I've found that the protein cookie is the ONLY thing that I can eat for breakfast that doesn't make my blood sugars spike shortly after...which then comes plumeting down an hour later. I've tried EVERYTHING...eggs, fruit, yogurt, cereal.

Derek had the day off, so I decided to let myself sleep in a little bit longer, ignoring the 5:45am alarm, and slowly rolling out of bed shortly after 6:20am.

I definitely ran at a bit of a slower pace as the intense heat was making me so lethargic. AND I spent most of the morning wiping away the sweat that was literally dripping off of my face.

I only had time to grab a granola bar on my way out to the car.
Quaker Oats.
Chocolate Chip.
17 grams of carbs.
2.1 units of insulin
...and I was off to work.

Looked down at my pump (which communicates with my CGM...continuous glucose monitor) shortly after getting to work...and things surely seemed to be looking up...

Oh come on! 246??? Double arrow up? (which means my blood sugarwas increasing quickly, by at least 40 in the last 20 minutes)

But never fear...a little bit of insulin and shortly, things were looking up...well, actually (literally) down...which was a good thing... so I was looking Up.


  1. Yes yes yes yes!!!!! Before your protein cookie entered my life I had plain oatmeal with some flax, skim milk powder and peanut butter. It never spiked my BG either. I find breakfast foods the hardest. something to do with the mornings and BG bullsh*t. Always have a protein cookie ready in the fridge! lesson learned. THANKS

  2. Ah the protein cookie!
    Yes, lesson learned. Making protein cookies tonight! :)

  3. that treat sounds yummy even if its "healthy". happy wednesday!

  4. It's a treat, healthy, and breakfast all wrapped in one...can't go wrong with that!

  5. Glad it worked out. Mornings are such a pain!

  6. Thanks Katie. So true about mornings...it can set the tone for the entire day!
    Thanks for reading. I enjoy your blog as well!!!