Friday, December 3, 2010



When I was a little girl,
I went to a signing around Christmas time.
He autographed a picture and I gave him a box of sugar-free candy canes.
I was nervous to meet him,
but excited that we had Diabetes in common.

Whenever games were on cable,
Derek and I would listen on the radio
and crack up at his enthusiastic commentary.
Most times when the games were on TV,
we'd still listen on the radio, just to hear him.

And this morning I teared up,
listening to the news reporters
speak so highly of a great legend who passed away
... Ron Santo.


One of the greatest 3rd basemen to play for the Cubs.
The greatest Cubs fan there ever was.
The heart and soul of the Chicago Cubs.

It's always exciting to see or hear about an athlete with Diabetes.
It's hard enough dealing with wacky blood sugars during a 30 minute run,
or an hour long yoga class.

So, my respect and admiration go out to
athletes with Diabetes who put their bodies through
discipline and physical training
year round, for a living.


Ron Santo was quiet about having Diabetes during the years he played.
Back in the 70's he gauged his blood sugar levels based on his moods.
If he felt he was going low, he would eat a candy bar during a game!
He ended up getting both legs amputated due to Diabetes complications.
We've sure come a long way!

The world definitely knows the triumphs and struggles Santo had with Diabetes
as he's played such a big part in raising money, awareness, & research
with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

It's been a while since I've done a Ron Santo Diabetes Walk-a-thon.
I think I'll do that this year.


Come on Cubbies,
let's win it this year for Ron Santo...
A great man and legend who will be missed by all!



  1. thanks for this post. i'm tearing up just reading it. i don't know if frank even knows but i'll be sure to tell him.

    ron definitely was a legend and will be missed. was his passing related to diabetes?


  2. Vey cool- well said.

  3. I felt a sense of camaraderie with him too Jen. He was a great advocate in our corner.