Friday, January 6, 2012

The Leapyear Project

Have you heard about The Leapyear Project?
I stumbled upon it while on twitter the other day and spent my entire lunch break on their website.

The Leapyear Project from Victor Saad on Vimeo.

Very well done. Very inspiring.


In December 2011 I looked ahead at our calendar, excited to see blank, empty space.
Not much scheduled.
Now barely a week in, it's filling up like crazy!

I want to make sure to really dream big in 2012 and to not let the busyness crowd out my dreams.

I have 1,258,940,384.25 goals swimming around in my mind at any given moment.
I'm filled with hope, but restless, not knowing how to articulate it all and what direction to head with it.

2012. It's a leap year.
What big leap will you take?

 Heading into the weekend, inspired to continue dreaming big!!!

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  1. Awesome! I totally just heard about this project last week- can't wait to see what God is going to do...