Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have to say this 28 day detox/cleanse has been amazing...
and I'll report on that more in detail later.

I knew doing the detox would mean a lot of planning ahead.
Grocery shopping for everything I need, preparing meals in advance, packing snacks and meals for work... so there is no excuse to stray from the plan.

It's been really keeping me on top of my "Diabetes" game.
My numbers have been under the best control they've been in a while.
I'm meticulously counting carbs and trying to be as accurate as I can be
...weighing, measuring, looking up nutrition facts, etc.

This is what striving for excellence in my health looks like.
Yes, it's annoying and time consuming, but the pay off is worth it!

Can I just eat an apple if I feel like it? Sure... but first I need to test my blood sugar and make sure I'm (some-what) in range. Then I need to weigh the apple to see how many ounces it is. Then I have to consult with my book of carbs to see how many carbs are in an apple. This usually involves some sort of math equation to calculate the specific carbs for the apple I'm about to eat. Then by the time I've finally figured all of that out, sometimes I'm just craving a pear instead! (re-start calculations)

It really is a wonder Diabetes and eating disorders don't come hand in hand. I'm not poking fun of the situation. Eating disorders are very serious. It's just that with all the time us Diabetics are required to think about food and what it's doing to our bodies, I legitimately am wondering what percentage of Diabetics develop eating disorders.

And then what about eating out... in public, with friends, with strangers? Thanks to technology today, I can quickly look up carbs on my phone if we're out eating Lou Malnatis pizza. But what about when at a dinner party somewhere? Would it be awkward to pull a measuring cup out of my pocket as the mashed potatoes and gravy are being passed around? My family wouldn't bat an eye, but people I've just met for the first time?

And what if I underestimate the carb count? Overestimate the carb count? Too much insulin? Too little insulin? Feeling awful with high blood sugar later...or coming close to passing out from low blood sugar by the time dessert is being served.

You might as well throw a side of social anxiety into the mix now that I'm dealing with diabetes and food issues!!!

But like I said, it's been well worth the work to be feeling good, strong, and healthy, and to be at the start of 2012 with optomism and hope for the healthiest year yet!

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