Tuesday, May 26, 2009

...and THAT warmed my heart!!!

There is a group of women at work who are training for the half marathon, that is coming up on September 13th.

I was asked to join the group.

Why WOULDN'T I join? These women are AMAZING!!! Some of the godliest and most funny women I know! I'd love to spend the Saturday mornings training with them (even though I can't run the race due to a wedding we have on the day of the race)!

I need the accountability and encouragement, this will help me get in shape for my cousin's upcoming wedding, AND will help get me back on track for overall health as I get my body prepared for pregnancy (again, I remind you....DOWN THE ROAD...4-5 years, or so).

Well, of course in the back of my mind, I worry about my blood sugar being too low or high while running.

I woke up early this morning to run. I was too low, so I took some carbs, waited and was fine...halfway through, I was too high and had to stop! It just set the trend for an "up and down" day :(

I was discouraged, but figured, well, that's enough for today, I'll wake up tomorrow and try again. And now it's a challenge...to figure out the right routine to keep my numbers in control while being able to get a good, hard workout in at the same time.

And with that I went to work, to find an email from one of my amazing co-workers. I shared some of my hesitations AND excitements with her. Her response warmed my heart and even got me choked up a bit:

"Ok, I’m SOOOOO glad you’ll come to our Saturday runs!! I really think it’ll be a great time. Will your blood sugar levels make it difficult to run? Whatever it takes to make sure you’re ok, we’ll do it!! And you’ll be the fittest bridesmaid EVER :)"

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