Thursday, November 4, 2010


You know when you're watching football on tv and they announce the players?
Not at the beginning of the game where they run onto the field, but when a little square pops up at the bottom of the screen and a video plays.
Each player says his name and where he went to college.
Know what I'm talking about???

Football season is big around our home and if you were to sit down and watch a game with Derek and I, you'd hear me start to giggle when these videos pop up.
Some of the guys say some funny stuff or refer to their college as THE such and such.

Derek's Graduation, TIU, May 2003
(I graduated later that December).
[We were just friends here :) ]

It's funny, but that's not why I'm laughing.

I'm laughing, because I'm getting myself ready to keep a straight face and ask Derek how he'd say our college if he were an NFL player (playing for the Bears of course).

Being the great husband that he is he plays along...
"Derek Enger. BIG BLUE, TIU".

Yes, those were our Halloween costumes!
Derek was a Chicago Bears football player
(the pants and socks were actually worn by real Bears players,
bought at a fan convention) and I was a fan

I don't know if anyone else refers to Trinity International University as the Big Blue...but we do.

This month BIG BLUE has a much greater meaning as November is Diabetes Month...(and blue is the official color that is associated with it).
But more on that later...



  1. Very cute.. also LOVE that pic of you two.. Its sooo cute:)!
    Love Patrice