Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's that time of year again...FOOTBALL SEASON!!!
So far we've booked 2 away games for the fall and are getting closer to completing Derek's dream of getting to all 32 NFL stadiums.

 Not wanting to pay to check our bags, we each pack a small carry-on. Talk about days of anxiety leading up to the flight as I pack everything I need!

I'm pretty sure people with Diabetes are great at running every worse-case scenario through their head (at least that's what I do), making sure they have everything they need on them... Extra insulin, back up needles, a back up blood testing meter, extra test strips, batteries, a year supply of glucose tablets... just in case!!!

 But as we think about heading to Oakland in a few months, maybe I should be more concerned with packing a set of nunchucks?!?!?

{WARNING: This video contains VIOLENCE}

I've never had an issue getting through airport security with my robot parts attached to me (insulin pump, CGM) or needles. But weapons may be another story!
Wish us luck in Oakland!!!

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  1. whoa that's pretty scary.... i'm sure by the time you guys travel there they'll have increased security measures. we can hope, right? could you use an insulin needle as a weapon- lol!

    i liked the map of the US w/ NFL team logos. pretty cool!

    keep the posts comin sister!
    love, grace