Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RUN {JEN-NAY} RUN!!! (say it like forrest gump would say it)

It's not always about working out the right muscle...

It's mostly about finding the workout machine that holds all of my annoying diabetes paraphernalia stuff!!!

I'm back in the swing of things with working out.
M-W-F = Ballet/Strength Training
T-H-St = Running/Cardio
{And fitting some yoga in when I can.}

It's definitely a lesson in patience and trial and error
...and I now remember why I stopped working out for a few years!!!


When asked what I'd do if I didn't have Diabetes, most people would guess that I'd eat desserts, pizza, pasta, (foods that are not always kind/easy on the blood sugar) all day long.

In fact, I'd almost do the opposite.

I'd wake up and go for a run.
I wouldn't have to check my blood sugar.
I wouldn't have to meticulously plan out the next 6 hours leading up to a workout.
I wouldn't have to carefully calculate carbs or stalk my blood sugar leading up to the time of exercise.

I would just run...

I'd run as the sun came up.

  I'd run up mountains.
(not having to looking at my CGM every 5 minutes to see what direction my blood sugar was heading).

I'd run as carefree as a child.

 I'd run until the sun went down.

 Then I'd run home and do nothing.
I wouldn't have to check my blood sugar.
I wouldn't have to correct with insulin if high.
I wouldn't have to swig juice and glucose tablets if low.
I wouldn't have to wake myself up in the middle of the night,
wondering how exercising is affecting my blood sugar 8 hours later.

I would just sit and do nothing.

 Ok...then I'd eat an entire pan of tiramisu!!!

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