Thursday, September 1, 2011


We have the day off of work and we're not even 1 mile into our walk along
Lake Michigan on a hot Summer day when I begin to feel a little weak.
"Do you mind if I stop and test?"
"Go for it!" he says, pulling to the side of the path as I reach for my machine.

Lower than I'd like to be, I pop some fruit snacks in my mouth and we continue on.
I know he'd rather be running full speed for the next 5 miles, but he slows down the pace,
knowing all I can think about is dropping blood sugar.

Dinner is finally ready and I'm certain he's famished after a long, hard day of work.
A quick test before sitting down with him and a high # confirms it.
That familiar/awful/nauseous feeling means dinner will have to wait for me.
I know he's hungry, but he decides to wait until I'm low enough to eat.
...sometimes the wait ends up being a few hours.

And just when things are getting hot and heavy, you know... like in the middle of a game of checkers.
I'm not sure if I'm high or low, but I know somethings not right.
He doesn't hesitate when I ask the all too familiar question:
"Do you mind if I test?"
"Not at all! Go for it!"

High? Insulin.
Low? Juice.
In range? Game back on!

Blood sugar can really interrupt our lives, but one thing Derek has made clear, whether by his words or actions... we're in this {journey w/Diabetes} together!

I went with photography this year for the 2nd Annual Diabetes Art Day.

Yes, that's real blood (on my fingertip). I was 189 when this picture was taken!
 Diabetes sure has it's ups and downs, highs and lows
... but it's good to know we're in this together.

And for the days when there are no highs and no lows to battle,
you simply have to celebrate!
...perhaps with a game of checkers?!
Game on!!!


  1. love this post! what a wonderful husband :-)

  2. Well done! You are very creative! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. awww.... GREAT post!! :)