Thursday, February 9, 2012


Burgers and fries at the Soda Shop followed by church in the evening. Sounds like what my grandparents did on dates.


Spicy Chicken sandwiches and lemonade followed by Founder's Week.

Sounds like what Derek & I did on our date last night.

We went specifically to hear Francis Chan.
He is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, the best selling author of several books, and currently starting a church planting movement in the inner city of San Francisco.

Derek heard him speak a few years ago at Challenge Youth Conference, we began listening to his podcast shortly after, read some of his books, and even went to hear him preach at Cornerstone when we were out in California a few years ago (before seeing a Bears/Chargers game, of course).

This guy is the real deal.
He truly practices what he preaches and whenever I hear him speak, I walk away challenged in my faith.

Last night he asked:
~Do you just read the Bible and not do what it says?
~Do you make excuses for why you are not following the Lord with everything you have?
~The older you get, do you find yourself more excited about living for the Lord, letting go of things in this world, and really desiring to please you live adventurously for Him?

Again, I walked away encouraged, convicted, and challenged.

Follow up on past speakers & messages from this year's Founder's Week.
Watch live online, listen on 90.1FM, or catch up via Moody Bible Institute's You Tube Channel.

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  1. Chik fil A is so yummy! I wanted to say thank you for the link to the cauliflower recipe you left on my blog! Looks delicious and is right up my alley