Thursday, March 15, 2012


Some people look at birthdays as a depressing event.
Another year over. Another year older.
Others (like myself) look at birthdays as a chance to get lots of free things!

I'm not talking about gifts from friends and family...although that is nice.
I'm talking about complete strangers giving you gifts just because it is your birthday!

Here is what I was given for free last month on my 31st birthday...

{the coupons began rolling in, by mail and email, leading up to my bday}

Like a nerd, I printed and cut coupons and put them in a red envelope. On the front of the envelope, I wrote the store and the expiration date, so I could see if time was running out on any deals.

{because I'm signed up to receive email updates from them, Noodles gave me dinner for free}

I got the Wisconsin Mac and Cheese (and gave it to Derek).

{because I'm signed up to receive emails updates from them, Corner Bakery gave me a free dessert}
I got the Birthday Bundt Cake (and gave it Derek).

{When you register a gift card online, Starbucks gives you a free drink on your birthday...any size!}

On a Saturday morning of running errands, I got myself a Venti, Decaf, Sugar-Free Caramel, Soy Latte. Slightly less complicated than this drink! Maybe I'll try THIS on my next birthday!

{Panera has a great rewards program. They give you free food when you eat there...and on your bday}
I got the Chocolate Chip Muffie to enjoy with my free Starbucks drink.
This time I got it for myself...and not Derek!

{If you sign up for email updates from Caribou, you get a free drink (any size) on your bday}

I left work a few hours early on my bday and enjoyed a decaf, iced, sugar-free caramel soy latte!

{If you sign up for email updates from the Container Store, you get a free gift on your bday}

You can never have enough reusable bags- right?!

No coupon needed for this one... get your eyebrows waxed for free at the Brow Bar at any Ulta Salon!!!

{If you sign up for email updates from World Market, they give you $10 to spend on your bday}
 I only had to pay $2 for this scarf with my $10 bday coupon!

There are a few coupons I didn't get around to using... $10 at Uncle Dan's, $10 off your $30 bill at Maggiano's, a coupon from Chili's, buy one-get one free at Cold Stone... (all because I'm signed up for email updates).
I'm sure there are other great birthday deals out there...don't be afraid to get excited about free things!


  1. Oh, Jen. You make me smile. Next year you will have to take ALL day off and make it a point to use them all. I love that idea as a birthday event-- and it is in my price range:)

  2. gosh, i never knew about all these birthday freebies! my birthday is in a couple weeks, and this is the first time i've been excited about it! thanks for the great birthday idea. :)